Fashion – Finned Wedge

I’ve seen these monster wedges appearing in shops lately and my curiosity needed satisfying.  A signature style of the late Alexander McQueen, finned wedges have been made popular by the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, not ones to shy away from outrageous fashion.  The futuristic sculptured look of these shoes appeal to me and I love that by wearing them you can flip safe, mainstream fashion the bird!  I needed to try a pair on to see how they looked and if I could manage them. 

Verdict:  I think they look pretty damn spunky and make my legs look long and lean. 
Wearability?  FAIL!  Who needs nice shoes when the most you can manage is a grandpa shuffle?  Standing still these shoes are comfortable and stable, walking is another matter with a strong likelihood that I will rock backwards and end up on my butt.  Strutting is completely out of the question, as are cobblestones, grass, decking, loose stones, pavement cracks… pretty much everywhere!

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