TREND – Bold print pants

Last year we saw the colour block trend in trousers and this year the trend has extended to bright, floral, bold prints.  Not for the faint hearted, these pants our loud and proud!  After all the muted winter colours I’m excited to see some colour and bravado returning to people’s wardrobes.  I do however think that this trend has a used by date and it would be silly to invest too heavily in something with a limited shelf life.

For those intimidated by the in-your-face prints, consider starting off with a muted pastel or washed out denim floral and pair with a solid colour top (as seen on the left).

As with all trousers make sure you find a fit that suits your body and don’t discount a wide leg version as the popular skinny-leg cropped style is unforgiving on many women.

Here are the bold prints I have in my wardrobe 🙂

Tropical print pant by Dotti – $69.95

Tribal print linen pant by KMart – $19.95

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