Life – Catnapped!!

Today at work I got a call from the ACT RSPCA to say they had my cat Saki.  Someone had picked her up in Gungahlin which is where I live and had gone to the trouble of driving her halfway across Canberra to drop her in at the RSPCA in Weston.  Can I just ask what dickhead sees a cat wandering the suburbs and assumes they are a stray?

I was furious!  To make matters worse when we got to the RSPCA the receptionist couldn’t tell me who had handed her in due to “privacy” reasons but eluded to the person being quite irate about Saki always being in their yard. 

Now Saki is one very fast and wary cat, I can’t imagine how anyone could get close enough to catch her which prompted RSPCA lady to start talking about cat traps.  While there is no law against  cats to wander the streets there is also no law about people trapping cats that stray onto their property.  To me this is a massive concern as my cats are free to roam the streets as they please.  Now that I know there is a psychotic catnapper in my area who has a grudge against Saki I am too afraid to let her out of the house ever again, thus giving poor little Saki a lesser quality of life.

When I got Saki back she reeked of fish which I am assuming is what they used in the cat trap, and she has grazes and bald patches on her face, probably from struggling.  She also had blood under her nails and I hope it’s because she scratched the fucker real good!!

Saki sunbaking in happier times

Saki roughed up from the cat-napper 🙁

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