Fashion – Fash n Treasure August 2012 Haul

Fash n Treasure I must say is becoming less and less fun for me.  Firstly, damn all these stoopid people for raving about it and increasing crowd numbers dramtically!  Haha, ok ok I accept some fault here but I have somewhat ruined a good thing for myself as my shopping experience is no longer enjoyable.  I used to be able to find some real bargains but now it seems that every woman  brings a pram containing a screaming brat and a bad attitude.  Stalls are tiny (2 by 2 metres) and it is impossble to dig for bargains when there are already four women shoulder to shoulder in a shopping frenzy.  To add to this, market organisers are now allowing stall owners to sell crap like vinyl records and second hand books, thus taking up more valuable space.  If I wanted to buy any old second hand crap I would be at the regular TRASH and Treasure markets!

Anyway here is my loot from yesterday… some great finds but not at the usual sub $10 prices that I’m used to… hmff!

Clockwise from top left:
Red blouse with black trim by Atmosphere – $15, Bardot black jeggings – $20
Adidas pale blue running shorts – $5
Esprit nautical stripe varsity blazer – $50
Bardot mid-blue skinny jeans – $15

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