Fashion – Canberra winter essentials

Canberra – the land of pollies, prostitutes and round-abouts…  aside from a serious lack in fashion outlets and funky late night eateries it’s not as terrible as people make it out to be, except for one thing… WINTER!  A Canberra winter is bitterly, burningly cold and every morning when I wake up and consider dressing like this:

Dignity and self control prevent me from stooping to these lows however I do have a few secret weapons to help you stay a little warmer over these next few months.

Fleecy tights – I’m always surprised to find that not everyone is aware of these, I would die without them!!  I first discovered these when I was travelling overseas and promptly declared them the cleverest wardrobe solution known to mankind, no exaggeration.  They essentially look like a plain knit, opaque stocking on the outside however on the inside they are lined with fleecy goodness that you would normally only find in your favourite trackies.  These are my favorites which are available from Woolies for only $14.95! 

I wear normal stockings under the fleecy tights when I’m feeling especially cold!

Shrug – this is my secret weapon when I don’t want to wear a coat.  Pick your favourite blazer or jacket and simply slip your shrug on underneath for an extra layer of arm warmth, no one will be the wiser!

Anyway, on a happier note, only 1 more month until Spring!

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