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The weekend before last I had the pleasure of collaborating on a photoshoot with local Canberra fashion boutique Alice Be Curious.  More on the shoot later but I just wanted to take the time out to rave about the store!
As you all know I am always in search of a bargain and for something a little quirky or different and Alice Be Curious has never let me down.  A small boutique located in the Metro Apartments it has a collection of wearable office, casual and party wear as well as an amazing eclectic range of quality jewellery sourced from a range of sources both local and international designers.

The store owner is the ever exuberant Daniella (DJ) who is a talented local stylistn fashionista and self confessed shop-a-holic.  I thought I would get DJ’s thoughts on her store, style and the local fashion scene.

DJ, how did you come up with the name Alice Be Curious?
Alice Be Curious stems from Alice in wonderland. When I think of Alice in Wonderland I think of all the adventure, uncertainty and creativity. Alice followed the white rabbit down the hole not knowing what she will find, yet she had a desire to explore… essentially the concept for Alice Be Curious is the same.

What type of items do you stock and for what kind of clientele?
Alice Be Curious is marketed to women who are seeking to find their own individual style that isn’t cookie cut from a chain store. I don’t focus on stocking basics, instead I stock statements pieces in a limited size range so that a person’s individuality is protected. I make a conscious effort to choose and hunt down brands that are a little bit different and not readily available in Canberra, and sometimes in Australia.

The brands that I stock reflect the carefree and adventurous spirit of Alice Be Curious.
Life is too short to be conservative the saying “replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity” should be applied to an individual’s style.

Some of the brands stocked at Alice Be Curious include Jeffery Campbell, Keepsake, Cameo, Noir Jewellery, House of Harlow and Honey and Beau.
What was your main goal when you opened the store and would you say you have achieved it? 
 Initially my main goal of opening Alice Be Curious was to give Canberra women access to a variety of fashion and encourage them not to be afraid to push the boundaries with how they wear it. I think I am achieving this goal but I am constantly learning about the needs are of my clientele and evolving as they do.

As a stylist how would you describe your personal style?
As a stylist I am an eclectic and eccentric. Essentially the less is more rule doesn’t exist. My favourite would be mixing textures and accessorising to the maximum.

What do you dislike about Canberra fashion?
Essentially what I dislike about Canberra’s fashion is that is a lot more conservative than Sydney and Melbourne. Although in recent years I have noticed women gaining confidence and stepping outside the “norm” and wearing things that are a little more adventurous. I think women are finally embracing the attitude that they don’t care what other people think and I love that. Canberra’s fashion is evolving quickly and I am glad to have a chance to be a part of it.

Go visit Alice Be Curious today, not only for new clothes but to get a professionally styled outfit!  Not located in Canberra?  Never fear, Alice Be Curious has an online store –

Here are some of my recent Alice Be Curious acquisitions 🙂

Sheer blouse with collar detailing by Spicy Sugar

Bold floral print blazer by Paper Heart
Clockwise from left:
Gold and Rhodium plated skeleton cuff by Noir – so luxuirous
Gold ankle cuffs, a great way to bling up your shoes
Skeleton hand accessory – This was love at first sight for me…

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