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I love the look of a fresh French manicure however I cannot stand acrylic nails.  I find them ugly, un-hygienic, uncomfortable and high maintenance.  Working in an office I spend 8 hours a day hammering away at a keyboard and long nails just slow me down… though I’m lucky enough to have strong, fast growing nails, practicality takes hold and I usually keep them fairly short and unattractive.
From back in my modelling days it was often a requirement to have manicured nails for photo shoots and I picked up a handy trick to get around this – Stick-ons!  Ah, fake stick-on nails… Whenever I think of these I think of the gaudy, plastic-fantastic talons that were all the rage in the 80’s.  Stick-ons have come a long way since the days of Wham! and you can easily achieve a gorgeous temporary look for special occasions.
Check out my nails that I did myself for a friends wedding.  It took me a total of 10 minutes and they look so natural:
Now here are my tips:
  • never use the stupid sticker tabs that come in your fake nail box!  They are rubbish and your nail is likely to flick off and hit someone in the eye.  I always buy my glue separately and it costs around $5-10 and is fast drying and very similar to super glue.
  • spend some time carefully picking out the correct nail sizes before you start gluing, nails should fully cover your natural nail without overlaping the sides.  My nails are fairly narrow and when shopping for fake nails I usually opt for those that are suited for a small nail bed.
  • lastly, when gluing, position the top of the nail slightly under your cuticle so you cannot see the edge.

Available from Big W for <$10
Available from Big W for <$10

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