Hi, it's me!

So it’s been a month since my blog has gone live and I’m so pleased to have a small bevvy of regular readers, YAY! I’ve celebrated by setting up my own domain www.happyschnapper.com and I think it’s timely that I do a post introducing myself šŸ™‚

So I am the HappySchapper, aptly named at as I am never found without my camera. I started my blog as a private way to capture my life through photos however it has now evolved into a fashion blog as this is what I seem to always be photographing anyway.  I am in my late 20ā€™s, work in the public service and live in Canberra.  I am married with 2 cats and a dog.  In my younger days I used to dabble in modelling however life has gotten too busy and me too lazy šŸ˜‰

As a reader of numerous fashion blogs I am always coveting items that are simply not available in Canberra or not affordable. I also think the fashion scene in Canberra is very conservative and conformist,with Canberrans taking a cookie cutter approach to their wardrobe. Occasionally you will see someone who pushes the boundaries and look amazing and it’s like a breath of fresh air!
Being an independent blogger I don’t have to spruik particular labels for advertising and I am free to take a realistic approach to wearable fashion.  Iā€™m very budget conscious as well as mindful of reusing and recycling ā€“ the fashion industry is extremely wasteful.  I welcome fashion on all budgets and have no issue wearing my high end labels with my Kmart shoes! 
I have 2 fashion styles ā€“ Work and weekend and most of the time they are polar opposites! My work wardrobe is bold, structured, clean lines, figure hugging.  I like galaxy dresses, tailored blazers, platform pumps and chunky jewellery.  My weekend wear is boyish bordering on boho. I love chunky knit jumpers and oversized shirts dresses, straight leg jeans with rips, high top sneakers, crochet singlets, flowy maxi skirts.  If you put Victoria Beckham in a blender withSienna Miller you would get me J

Eventually I would like to add an online store to my blog to allow my readers to purchase items that I write about directly but baby steps at this stage J

A very Happy Schnapper šŸ™‚

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