Fashion – Ankle boots for the vertically challenged

Without a doubt, ankle boots are one of my favorite styles of shoes and with Winter in full swing there are a huge range of them on offer.  Now this may make me sound like a bit of a snob but the ankle boot is predominately designed for woman who are fortunate enough to be a bit longer in the leg and it pains me to see the more petite trying to unsuccessfully embrace the bootie. 

Knowing which key style features in an ankle boot is an important part of pulling off this look successfully.  So, if you are a shortie look for ankle boots in this style:

  1. Pointy and peeptoe styles will make you look longer
  2. A v-shaped front or downward sloping line from back to front will not cut you off at the ankles
  3. A stiletto heel – avoid chunky heels or wedges
  4. A high heel – no mid or kitten heels – commit all the way!

My suggestion is the Fitt by Lipstik which draws they eye all the way down the leg to the toe – $89.95

Styling the ankle boot:

  1. I know it’s not on trend right now but there is no better way of making short legs look long than a slight boot cut jean.  Don’t rule it out!!
  2. Wear boots and tights and skirt/dress of the same colour.  This will prevent legs from looking like they are being “cut-off”
  3. Dark colours – everyone knows they make you look more streamlined 🙂

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