DIY – nail polish holder!

I’ve been struck down with the flu this week yet even worse, I am stuck at home with my husband who has the dreaded man flu… 10 times worse then any illness the female mind can comprehend.  I hope he survives…
Anyway, being trapped at home has made me go a bit loopy so I thought I would put all my spare time to good use.  May I present to you ( in a great flourish) my DIY nail polish holder!!
I must admit I am a little bit proud 🙂  To put this little number together you will need the following:
  • large piece of white foam board, 5mm thick (available from any arts and craft store)
  • Stanley knife
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue gun and glue
You can make the holder any size you wish however below are the measurements on how to make the same size as the one I made below.
  1. cut the backing board (38cm H x 43cm L) – 1 piece
  2. cut the top and bottom (5.5cm x 43cm) – 2 pieces
  3. cut the sides (5cm x 38cm) – 2 pieces
  4. cut the shelves (5cm x 42cm) – 3 pieces
  5. use the pencil and ruler and draw the shelf spacing on the backing board every 9.5 cm.  This will perfectly fit an OPI bottle 😉
  6. use the hot glue gun and glue the sides pieces onto the backing board
  7. then glue on the shelves where you have premarked on the backing board
  8. glue the top and bottom on to complete!!
And on other exciting news, I now have my own domain name –

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