Travel – Lazy Langkawi

Following an Air Asia sale earlier this year I managed to nab a little winter getaway for a ridiculous $300 return.  Best impulse purchase I have ever made!  Those who know me understand that I can be a bit controlling at the best of times and especially when it comes to holidays.  For some idiots a holiday consists of making no plans an lolling about on a beach… NOT ME!  My perfect holiday is one where I have to make zero decisions.  So in the weeks leading up to the trip a day by day itinerary was developed, hotels, activites, flights and tours fully booked and paid – Booyah!

So what ensued was a meticulously planned holiday where every exhausting day was spent cycling/hiking/snorkelling/kayaking.  I can happily say it’s the only trip where I have lost weight upon my return 🙂

Langkawi was very, very quite.  The streets remain deserted during the day and only slightly come alive at night.  The atmosphere was chilled out and cruisey.  If you aren’t really into outdoor activities I’d probably not recommend the island however for those who love being outdoors this place is magical.  Located about 1 hours flight north of KL is an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, close the (southern) Thai border.

We organised most of our activites through Dev’s who are a conservation/tour group who have a wealth of knowledge on local flora and fauna and show you the less visited parts of the island.

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