Blogging to you from grimy, chaotic Hanoi, a little bit
fabulous I must admit J  Work has finally given me the opportunity to
work overseas and I’m soaking up every minute.
Though there is no doubt that I’m here to work and here to
work hard, the respite from everyday mundaness brings a big smile to my
face.  No dishes, laundry, cooking for
two weeks, instead being replaced by exploration, sampling new food and meeting
new people. 
The flight here was long… 14 hours from boarding a plane in
Canberra, to transit in SYD and BKK and finally touching down in Hanoi.  Business Class was very la-di-da, champagne
on arrival, 3 course meals, table cloth on the dinner tray…  All a bit silly. 
Hanoi is chaotic. It’s dirty, hot and steamy… I love
it!  On my first night out on the town I
got entangled with a moped and ended up being knocked over.  The local pub was a hole in the wall shop
that sold beer by the bottle (but not the bottle itself) which resulted in
crowds of people perched on little stools outside the shop finishing their beer
before returning the bottles.
Phuong from work also took me for a ride on her
scooter which was more than a little bit terrifying, especially when riding
into oncoming traffic!  Phuong thought my
fears were funny and she claimed that I was perfectly safe, I’m not sure about
that but best just hold on and shut your eyes!
The food has been great.  Back home I suffer a serious addition to pho and being in Vietnam has been like a crack addict in a snow storm.  Banh my, pho, fresh spring rolls, bun cha…  The unfortunate thing however is that being in a developing city the meat is kept in the heat, covered in flys and marinated in smog.  The veg is wilted from the heat and not fresh… my poor tummy has seen better days.  All part of the adventure 🙂

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