Life – Hunger Games Trilogy

So you may be wondering where I have been lately (probably not).  Not taking photos, not updating the blog… In real life it’s even worse, no sleep, not doing chores, not spending time with my husband and all this is attributed to Hunger Games!!  The most addictive book I have read in a long time, from the time I picked up the first book I went into some sort of “tween” fantasy world and could not escape! 

Firstly I have been reading Game of Thrones since the start of the year and it took me 3 months just to read the first book as the story line was mega complex with hundreds of characters to sort through.  As a stark contrast Hunger Games is aimed at a younger audience and is so much easier to digest.  I read the first book in about a day and the series in about a week.  The first book was truly amazing with strong characters, a unique plot and heaps of twists and turns, the second and third book went down from there and the ending of the last book was especially disappointing and abrupt.  Despite that, it was completely addictive and highly recommended!!

I even went to see the first movie in opening week, along with a sea of pimply teenagers that were arguing if they were team Gale or still team Jacob!  Haha.

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