Travel – Goodbye Summer – Jervis Bay camp trip

This summer has seen more precipitation than perspiration however I am proud to say that I have really done my best to soak up those rare rays of summer when they did make their rare appearance.

As a final farewell to summer the girls and I headed down to the stunning Jervis Bay for a much needed weekend away.  The weather varied from torrential downpour to idealic postcard paradise.  Highlights?  Jay and I erecting a tarp that usually takes 5 people to put up, catching a possum stuffing his face with our maltesers, seeing a pod of 100 dolphins leaping around in the shallows, being old nannas and knitting and reading by lantern light, chasing the sunset wests in the car, and just a lazy day at the beach eating salt and vinegar chips and ham/cheese/tomato sangers.  Until next year summer…

Two girls, one tarp

And here comes the rain
With the rain comes leeches!  This one is fat off Jay’s blood… we got 3 in one night!
Some much needed sunshine after a night of rain
Well timed by Fig… missed the setting up and rain but made it in time for the sun!
And let there be light…for knitting!  Lucky to still have my eyebrows after lighting a propane lantern with a match!

Bed time 🙂

Sunday was an absolute winner.  Paradise
Sun, soft white sand, sparkelling waters
Ending the day with an amazing sunset… took us a while to find “west”
Happy campers 🙂

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