Life – The art of conversation

Someone told me the other day that I exaggerate when I talk .This really irks me the wrong way.  Do
I exaggerate?  Yes.  Excessively? No.

The examples used to prove their point: 

“A friend of mine also works there”

I was criticised because exaggeration #1)“My friend” is not an accurate term as they are maybe more of an acquaintance
#2) she only works there temporarily, not full time.

Who the fuck cares?  We live in an age
where information is passed on and devoured in bite sized portions.  Really, the point of my story is not how well
I know “my friend” or the type of employment conditions she works under. 

“My boss asked me to work all weekend,
and I was like ‘Go eat a dick’ ”

My lovely companion pointed out that I in fact did not tell my boss to undertake
the above stated actions but rather expressed my displeasure more

FFS, I thought anyone with an ounce of common sense would realise that I
have enough self- preservation not so say that!?

Maybe I’m wrong.  So, to those who think I exaggerate, would you prefer this?

“A Facebook acquaintance of mine who I
have known for approximately 2 years and have worked together on and off and I occasionally
have a drink with when we bump into each other in the discothèque…Well she
recently was employed on a temp register at the same establishment to which we
were referring to prior, not to be confused with a permanent position though,
no no.”


“My boss asked me to work on the
weekend and as I had already worked the previous two weekends I was quite
displeased with this request.  I had an unbelievable
urge to tell him to go eat a dick however I restrained myself and suggested
that maybe Doug should perhaps work instead as I was feeling rather run down
and had already made plans for the upcoming weekend.”

I would suggest you get out more and learn the art of conversation… Out. 

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