Fashion – Style Swacking

Fashion is meant for stealing. Inspiration and ideas are gathered from people, art, magazines, colours, store windows etc.  

Style on the other hand is an individual’s way of taking these ideas and combining them to produce something unique that allows them to express their individuality. That is why it really rubs me the wrong way when people steal my mojo!
So I have nothing against people buying the same cheapo basics from Valleygirl or Supre but going out of your way, to the exactly same store to buy the exact same signature dress from the exact same seasonal collection? It’s just not on, find your own groove man!
I’ve even had a girl like my Wittner decorative “pimp my pumps” elastics so much that when she couldn’t find them at the store she went out and made some herself. Even more shocking, I have had people admire my tattoo and claim that they would also like to get one in the exact same location. Are you fucking kidding?

So my message – Fashion is FUN!  Wear things your own way, combine things that that aren’t traditionally worn together, enjoy planning unique outfits and wow people with your imagination! 

And to quote some literary genious, “No one likes a Swacker (Swagger-Jacker)” Pauly D – Jersey Shore.


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