Life – Stuck in a rut

Since coming back from holiday I’ve felt somewhat run down and unwell in general… I’m tired, I’ve got a pimple on my chin, I feel un-motivated, I stopped going to the gym and pretty much would prefer to stay in my pyjamas all day.

I’m currently in the process of attempting to climb out of this stupid rut and I do this my forcing myself to do everything I don’t want to do.  A quick way to feel better is to look better.  Thouh this sounds incredibly shallow, I find the way I look can strongly influences the way I feel.  When not feeling your best the urge is just to throw on a comfortable daggy jumper and shuffle out the door however this will do nothing to boost your self estime or encourage you to get out amongst it. 

Some quick and easy tips:

  • Paint your finger and toe nails a matching happy shade – It will bring a smile to your face and matching polish will make you feel more… polished 🙂
OPI nail polish in Short Stories

  • Plan your outfit in advance complete with matching shoes and complimentary jewellery – Though you may not feel confident you can sure look it.  Receiving compliments on your outfit or turning a head or two when out at lunch will be sure to lift your spirits.
Portmans galaxy dress, Therapy mustard suede Pumps, Sheike gold belt, Lovisa Ring and Necklace, Marion hosiery.
Wish skinny jeans, Pierre De Terre slippers, Mink Pink Vest, Cue tailored shirt, Diva ring and necklace
Sheike high waist paints, Gucci leather belt, Temt shoes, Cotton On scarf, Diva ring and earrings (clearly I show no particular interest in either high or low end fashion!)
Asos jersey dress, All About Eve studded blazer, Lipstik lace up ankle bootie
  • Home cooked meals.  Most people talk about eating better to feel better but I find good home cooked meals have much the same effect.  Plan your meals in advance and do your grocery shopping in one hit.  This will make it easier for you to come home and start cooking.
Rocket and purple carrot salad, lentil salad and collapsed quiche!
  • Wear your hair out – This one may sound weird but I tend to wear my hair in a greasy bun when I just don’t give a fuck.  It’s surprising how much more confident you feel when you hair is freshly washed, perfumed and set free to swish around!
Hmm… need a trim!

  • Exercise = Endorphines… Force yourself to do it even if you don’t want to… This one is tough.
After Body Combat, my favourite class!

  • Sleep early, sleep alone – Putting yourself to bed just 30 mins earlier will do the world of difference.  You will feel more refreshed and more energised.  If you are fortunate to share your bed I’d suggest ditching him for a night as un-disturbed sleep is pure bliss.
  • Be Social – My friends are the best at cheering me up, making me laugh or telling me I’m being a shit. Surrounding yourself in good company will rub off on your mood.

Anyway, I feel better just for writing that down so hope this provides some help to getting you back on track!

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