Life – Popping the blog cherry

For me, New Years resolutions always include some generic fluff meant to be broken in the first week – eat better, exercise more, drink more water, see more of my family, save more money blah blah blah.  I’ll usually throw in some specific random ones too.  This year they include:

  1. Project 52 – one photo a week spanning 2012 (This is a lie as my original resolution was Project 365 however I broke this on the 2nd by neglecting to even touch my camera…details.)
  2. Travel to Borneo – I plan to hike the jungles of Borneo to visit some orangutan rehabilitation facilities.  Hubby may take some convincing as physical exertion is involved.
  3. Plant a vege garden – Already regretting this one. What is the opposite of a green thumb?  Thumb of Death?
  4. Buy a pair of insanely overpriced luxury designer shoes
  5. Start a blog

So I’m not even sure what a blog is and am not even a regular subscriber to any so may be out of my depth here.  I floated this idea past some friends and consistently got the response “Cool!  What are you going to blog about?”… *shrugs*

I like photography, bad TV, food, opshops, mini pigs, travel, Chuck Norris jokes, fashion, writing letters of complaint, retro furniture, modelling, reading, organising/reorganising things, interior design, having a rant.  That’s what you’ll find in my blog 🙂

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